Rick Savory's WEBSITE

Looking inward &outward, reflecting on life

about this site

This is a website dedicated to sharing some of the key elements in

my life.

I have left a trail of destruction and detritus around the internet, but this site is a collection of the best bits.


who am i?

I am a middle aged English family man who's worked a bit, done a some travelling and tried many pastimes in the hope to find out who I really am and what I want out of life


I have dipped a proverbial toe into many things throughout my life - from World Travel, Motor Racing, Wine Tasting, Flying, Diving, Web Development, and tinkering with Linux.


what do i do?

I'm currently a Project Manager working for CSC.  

I am part of an organisation that manages IT Infrastructure Services - including hosting, cloud, and transformation.


I do have a sense of adventure. In my spare time I love to try as many new things as possible, and have a bucket list as long as my arm.  While I have achieved many things so far in life, visited many parts of the world, eaten my fair share of exotic foods, and drank many a fine wine, I maintain the hunger for something new. 


That said, there's nothing better than closing the door on a cold winder's night, putting one's feet up in front of a fire with my family around me and veging out watching a film while eating something satisfyingly bad for me.