creating content

Ok, so the initial framework is in place with a template chosen.  It's fairly basic, but for now it'll do.

On to content.  What actually to share?  Is there anything of actual value and interest that I can put on?  Unless I have a burning desire that I must share, political view or moving story, or some other genuinely interesting text that someone will actually read, am I just another website owner filling up the web with unnecessary data? 

I don't really have that much to say right now, but for the sake of completeness I'll put on some "About Me" text - basic job profile and interests and the like that no one is likely to ready, but seems to be a given to include.  I'll also add a few holiday snaps, just to bulk out the web presence a bit.  I hope that over time this will be superseded by something actually useful - like actual holiday tips and links to useful resources. 

I've also put on some background medical information to my wife's condition.  It's as much for me run through all the links I've recently amassed and read through it myself again.  At the risk of becoming preachy I may put in a few comments on things we've found as a couple that need to be looked at and improved.  Throughout the time that my wife has had to adjust, we've already come across some bad behaviour and ignorant attitudes that should be addressed.  I'll not become militant over that sort of thing, but we have previously joked about a name and shame Blog.  Perhaps I'll set something up from this site too?


setting up of the jimdo website

Day one of my transfer of my old hand built website to a templated and feature rich website using Jimdo.

I've never used the tool before, so no doubt I'll discover things as I'll go along.

Perhaps I'll find that this is not the tool for me, and I'll move over to something like Wix, or perhaps revert to my own hand built website.  but for now I will persist with learning on the hoof, and put up some "about me" information to at least make a marker on the world through Jimdo.

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